Use the front or back of the label.


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Embark on a journey of wine discovery with our cutting-edge AI-driven wine label analysis tool. This innovative service uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide you with detailed information about any wine, just by analyzing a picture of its label. Here’s how to harness the capabilities of AI to explore and understand the world of wines.

Step 1: Capturing or Uploading Your Wine Label

  • **Option 1 - Capturing a Live Picture:**Click on BROWSE FILES and make sure the wine label is clearly lit and in focus. Use your camera to capture a sharp image of the label.
  • **Option 2 - Uploading a Pre-existing Picture:** Already have a photo of the wine label? Click on BROWSE FILES and upload the photo from your device.
  • Step 2: AI-Powered Analysis and Instant Results

    Upon uploading or capturing the label, our AI immediately gets to work:

  • - The AI technology analyzes the label, identifying text, symbols, and design.
  • - It compares this data against a vast wine database to extract accurate information.
  • - In moments, detailed insights about the wine appear on your screen.
  • Step 3: Delving Deeper with AI

    Explore beyond basic analysis with AI-enhanced features:

  • **Vineyard Legacy:** Discover the story behind the wine's creation and the vineyard's heritage, as unveiled by AI.
  • **Food Pairing Intelligence:** Let AI suggest the perfect culinary matches for your wine, enhancing both the dish and the drink.
  • **Track and Share Favorites:** Save your discoveries and share them with fellow wine enthusiasts.